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The Intermediate Guide to Marriage While Dating

Don't be pressured by anyone to go into marriage if you aren't ready. if you marry the right person and at the right time you will have the utmost satisfaction you desire no matter how he or she behaves. 

There's no two ways about marriage, you either marry whom you love or end up with someone you never bargained to be with. 

Like I once said in one of my blogs, marriage is like a school where couple learn from each other on a daily basis.

Before agreeing to go into marriage, it is always advisable to get to know each other so that there won't be complications along the long run.

 The truth is if you marry someone whom you just met you wouldn't know their hided characters outside the box of 'I Love You'. Hope you know that.? People are very deceitful and one has to be very careful when it has to do with marriage.

The reason why there are so many divorce persons in our society is because people allow themselves to be driven by fantasies and forgetting the reality of the after life when they say "I DO" on the alter.

Don't be blinded by love, try to get to know who you want to settle down with. You need a peaceful home not a war zone, you need a caring partner who understands your silence more than any third party. 

Society needs learn that it's better to marry late than marrying the wrong person. People have made bad choices because they don't want the society to start talking negative things.

I don't advise anybody (girls) to rush into marriage just because they are getting close to their 30. A lady can choose to live large and explore more that life has to offer instead of limiting what she can do with marriage. Every woman also has one or two things to contribute in a successful marriage rather than just being a house wife.

In some part of Africa, ladies have no choice when it comes to marriage as they are offered out in marriage at tender age. Nobody should be subjected into marriage without their full consent and approval. When a woman has nothing to contribute to her home, some of the men begins to misbehave ( some men don't like it when their wives want to work) because they feel all they provide all the family needs and the woman is doing nothing.

Every intended couple should be educated or counselled about marriage, the man and woman should be up and doing in the aspects of contributing to the growth of the family and not leaving all the responsibilities to one partner. Every intended couple should know that there's no perfect person out there, you just have to be compatible with whom you choose to settle down in marriage. 

Types of people you should avoid

1. Those who feel women are supposed to be slaves in their marriage. In the stone, women were never regarded when it has to do with decision making in the home. Since the men are considered head of the family all decision (wether good or bad) where made by the husband and no woman had the right to say otherwise.

2. Those people without plans for the family:- Most people because they were either forced to go into marriage or married blindly without proper marital education; literally have no plans for the family, instead they choose to get their life wasted in alcohol and drugs. Such people should be avoided because they can never change no matter what.

3. Those women whom have made money their utmost importance in life. Believe it or not they are some women who chose to marry a man because of his money and when he has any difficult times in life, those type of women will definitely quite the marriage. A man should marry that woman who knows his financial situation. 

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