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How to manage a long distance relationship | 3 Factors Involved

  A long distance relationship is that type of relationship you have with someone who lives miles away from you.

 the stress of always wanting to hold that one person you love but literally can't because of distance can be frustrating.

Here I made a list of how you can stay engaged with your long distance relationship partner without allowing distance be a barrier.

Long distance relationship partners

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Do you have a long distance relationship partner but your mind is telling you it won't work because of the distance.? 

Here's how to feel closer to your long distance relationship partner.

The key factors that can either build or ruin a relationship is Love, Communication and Trust.

You must apply this three important factors every single day of your life to make sure you are on the same page with your partner.

1. Love

Love made you two unbreakable and love can still be the reason for separation.

As long as the love still exist in your heart, you will always find a reason to wait upon the return of your Long distance partner.

Lets take the love life of a soldier for instance.

He might be facing tribulations in the war front, but the thoughts of coming home to unite with his family keeps him moving.

My grandparents for instance_ 
My grandfather was a soldier before he died at the age of 87.

He served the military for many years and all the time he was away my grandma would always be looking out at the window to see his return.

Upon his last mission before retirement, my grandma kept praying and hoping he returns home.

Low and behold that faithful morning has joy knew no boundaries as the love of her life was finally returning home to her.

Those who have partner's who serve in Kabul will definitely know how it feels.
 My grandma will always tell us how she waited and was lucky enough to have her dear husband back.

It doesn't matter where your long distance relationship partner is, as long as the love is there nothing can stop you from waiting.

2. Communication

If not the most important factor then it's second to the most important part of any relationship... Wether long distance or Close type.

Learn to express how you feel and what you think should work best in your relationship.

Keep mute won't solve anything.. many relationship have gone done the drainage because the couple lack communication.

If you are not sexually satisfied you should say something about it and work out solutions together.

If you feel you no can work on the long distance relationship then tell your partner instead of giving them high hopes.

Here are some ways to stay in touch with your long distance relationship partner.

1. Social media.

It doesn't matter where you found love, as long has he or she has a mobile device you two can always Stay in touch with each other.

Use Facebook for instance, I don't think there's anyone in this platform that doesn't use Facebook.

Registering is free and no premium features.

Use Facebook to always interact with your long distance relationship partner.

2. Phone Calls

Most time your long distance relationship partner might have a different time zone from yours.

Don't be scared or feel you won't stay in touch, all you need to do is make a change to when you call each other. 

If you feel you might be distracting them during work hours tell he or she to call when they are less busy, in that case you will be able to communicate.

3. Texting

Texting during work hours is a cool means to stay in touch with your long distance relationship partner.

 Make it a habit to text at least once before the end of each day.

Here's a list of romantic love messages to send to your long distance relationship partner.

Don't always wait to receive a text first, make first move.

4. Make weekend plans

 Remember you two are far from each other and you just have to do things that makes you feel closer.

Make plans that makes it look like you two are neighbors, in this way you don't feel the void.

5. Video chat

WhatsApp for instance has made it possible to communicate with anyone via video call anywhere around the globe.

Video chats are a very good way to feel very close to your long distance relationship partner.

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