How to attract your likes

 One thing about the chronicles of life is how you attract your own kind of persons.

 Many people have the dreams of meeting better persons than them in other to bring out the goodness in them. You see different people complaining how they meet bad people while they have been good to the world, well to be honest with you as good as you are , the very people that will keep flooding your domain will be the opposite of whom you are . It's just left with you to find whom you can get hold of and make them your kind of person. 

Some years ago a friend once asked me how is it my relationship with everyone around me is so perfect. I was astonished and told her it's all depends on how you react when or how people treat you. If someone treats you the way you don't like call their attention, explain to them how what he or she did and why you don't want a repeat of the act. When you bring our your standards people value you more because you don't tolerate nonchalant attitude. People want to be around those they feel they benefits more from. When you have nothing to offer you don't expect your kind to be around you.!!

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  1. Good People will always inspire you to do better when you actually have a dream and those are the likes you attract..
    Nice post.!

  2. Good people are everywhere.... It is how you attract them that matters

  3. if one looks well he or she would discover their likes..


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