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8 Keys to forgiveness | Best Simple Ways.


Forgiveness implies to the act of letting go of hurt or in another word to have mercy on someone who did something wrong to you.

 Forgiveness also means remission, to give someone the benefits of the doubts they won't hurt you again . 

In this content, we will be focusing more on the keys to forgiveness which brought about this article.

Now to be clear, there's a big difference when it comes to forgiving and forgetting. You can forgive and not forget, especially when it has to do with someone whom you never expected it from.

Keys to forgiveness

Let's talk about some simple 8 keys to forgiveness.

1. Believe you are better off without grudges.. 

When you get hurt by the least person you expected it from the pains and wounds are always fresh especially when you have to see them every day.

 You feel satisfy when you see them hurting but darling, those things doesn't count at all because at the end of the day you still feel you haven't done enough to see them suffer. Get rid of grudges and find peace within yourself.

2. Accept apologies when rendered..

When someone who do something hurtful to you admits their wrong it is just and proper to accept apologies, not because the hurt will go away but because you deserve absolute peace of mind.

3. Plead for forgiveness if you truly want to he forgiven..

If you want to be given another chance by someone you did wrong to you should learn to say "I am sorry" and mean it. 

It takes nothing to apologize when you are wrong but pride and ego won't allow some persons. 

Although many people where never thought the essence of rendering of apology when they are wrong.

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Parents are advised to teach their children why they should always say sorry when they offend anyone or when their actions are labeled inappropriate.

4. Have an open heart.. 

If your heart is as open and free as the birds of the sky, you definitely have nothing to worry about forgiving someone because even before they come to ask for forgiveness you have already forgotten about what they did to you.

 It takes a super happy someone to have an open heart.! So tell me, are you that super happy someone? Why don't you forgive and let go of the painful memories.

5. Live a simple but trouble free life..

On this note you tend to gain more strength and experience on forgiveness because as someone who live a simple life you discover you have different people come your way on a daily basis and then you've already prepared your mind for any that crosses your part. 

Here you train your self to forgive even when the offender doesn't apologize.

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6. Be cheerful and friendly to everyone.. 

On an average you offend many people you never consider doing so wether deliberately or not but they still forgive you without you noticing wether or not you offended someone. 

People will always judge your every day character and the peculiar part is that many will know when what you did is deliberate or you were under pressure. 

Someone who is grumpy and annoying verses someone who is cheerful and friendly who gets forgiven first?

7. Show you are remorseful..

"Actions speak louder than words"  that popular saying is absolutely true.

 The Bible also says when you offend your brother you should get a gift or something appealing when going to ask for forgiveness.

 Take with you either flowers or read an open letter of apology to show how remorseful you can be. Pride destroys a happy friendship.

8. Do away with pride and ego..

It is in some people to feel berated when asked to apologise for the wrong they did. 

The co-founder of pride is ego. When you think outside the box you understand that a simple apology won't do you any harm when you decide to do things right.

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