How to win a girl's heart in the 21st century


For most guys who have inferiority complex, being able to get a girl's attention is very difficult not to talk about winning her heart. 

Inferiority complex - Wikipedia 

An Inferiority complex is a psychological term used to describe people with intense feelings of inadequacy, often resulting the belief that one is in some way deficient, or inferior, to virtually all others.

To win any girl's heart is quite easy, it's just a matter of knowing the right step to take and at the right time. 

If you miss any step you might get it twisted and end up getting rejected. Trust me the feeling of being rejected is what every guy dreads a lot.

"Now let me share with you my experience" - around 2014, I once had a crush on a certain girl, I thought she felt the same way and out of so much eagerness to make her my girlfriend I didn't take time to know her better. I just popped the question and guess what.! Yeah I got rejected. 

Now you might wonder what made her reject me.! 

1. I barely knew her more than I thought I did. And remember, what I felt for her was just a crush which might disappear if I happen to relocate to another environment.

2. I didn't give her the chance to know me either.


In this context I will share with you the secrets of winning a girl's heart. Make sure you apply them and remember to return with testimonies. 😉

1. You have to know her well enough before asking her to date you. What I mean is; try getting to know her likes and dislikes, what her favorite color is, her favorite restaurants  and the type of food she loves. 

This will make her feel you really care about her and wants the best for her. Try knowing if she's temperamental and know how to deal with her temperaments. 

Asking a girl out on the first day is very risky and most times you will end up regretting your actions if you see her other side which you never took out time to notice..

2. Surprise her with gifts like iTunes card, wrist watch, wigs, teddy bear, birthday gifts. If she's the type that loves flowers, getting her a bouquet of flowers will so much be appreciated. 

Girls are literally in love with surprises and this can make her warm up to you within a space of time. 

Tip.! Don't promise her what you can't get, it will make her feel you don't care about her and how she feels. . 

3. Be a hardworking person- girls love guys who are hard-working and determined, she will always be proud of you  if you are trying to make ends meet. Never be ashamed of what you do for a living. Faking what you do for a living won't last forever, she will eventually find out and you won't be happy with how she'll react.  

Have a promising future, strives hard to achieve greater things. If you don't have a job, make sure at least you have something that gives you money for your upkeep and don't stop searching. 

You can't win a girl's heart if you're lazy, broke and someone without plans. Any girl that wants to be with you will always support you in every little effort you put to work. 

4. Be Supportive- if you really want the best for her then support her dreams and ambitions. Whatever career she's pursuing try to be a helping hand and not a dream killer. If she ask for your advice make sure you tell her what you feel is the right thing to do. 

Don't always talk to impress her, be plain, let your advice count. Don't talk gibberish because you want her to always feel you want to impress her. If she has an important meeting to attend and she asks you what outfit you feel is okay to wear , help her pick the best. You are actually letting her know you have great taste for fashion.

5. Be a good listener- if you notice one special thing about girls, they all want a good listener. Someone whom they can confide in. Never betray a woman's trust, she won't ever trust you again. 

6. Never try to buy your way into her heart with money. Money is not everything, if she doesn't like you no matter the amount of money you spend she won't still want you. make sure your charms as a man gets her first before showering her with material things.

7. What to say when you stop a girl. I noticed that most guys have good Intentions, but the moment they approach any lady they start Fidgeting and that moment all the pick up lines disappears into thin air.

  • Now for those with this kind of issue this is what you say even if you are swept off your feet or feel intimated.
  • Start with a simple compliment when you are meeting a girl for the first time. Girls love compliments, check the type of dress she wore it the kind of hair she's carrying, say nice things about them. Why is this needed.? It shows you are actually noticing her sense of fashion and of she's the type that's very social a conversation can strike from there.
  • Introduce yourself as simple as possible. Don't try to introduce yourself as a billionaire and start boring her with unnecessary sermon. Even if you are a multimillionaire you can save it for another day. Now should be all about getting to know her and a simple Intro of yourself.
  • You can use this line if you feel the conversation is becoming a bit awkward. "Hey my name is John Dou, I was seated right over there and I have been watching you for a while now and I felt I should come say hi. You look beautiful though, I love your hair". 
Now after approaching her, you can strike a conversation about the latest trends in town to know if she's really active on the Latest happening. Either things on nor off campus or general issues. Nobody want to be with a boring person so be lively as possible. If she's in a hurry to leave you can simply ask for her Instagram ID or phone number to reach out to her later.

8. When a lady agrees to go out on a date with you, act as gentle as you can. Allow her pick her favorite dish, you can choose to pick similar food as hers, make sure you order for a red wine and two wine glasses to go with it. 
Eat with manners, compliments her as much as you can. Talk about her beautiful she is, how lucky you are that she agreed to go out on a date with you.
After the meal order a dessert, something you know she will love. You can choose cupcakes.
Let the moment flow, don't rush things else she would never agree to go out with you again talk more about dating you.
Express how you really feel for her and mean every word you say because you will surely give account of them. 

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