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How do you grow old with your partner and still keep the love glowing.?


The feelings derived in loving a person is always so exciting, most especially when you keep in touch with each as often as possible. 

Now love at some point may seem too good to be true, these usually happens when the relationship is still new. Remember you don't buy lasting relationship or love, you build it with time and steady communication, forgiveness and understanding.

 Most people change from different relationships just as they grow and may end up with whosoever comes their way during old age, this may be as a result of a phobia to remain committed to one person during one's youthful age.

We don't plan whom we fall in love with; else we would all be with those we want to grow old with because we see them as "perfect beings". 

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I have seen couples who grew up together, started dating and got married and lived for  so many years, and even at old age they are still loving to each other. Relationships like that don't just happen.! It takes patience, tolerance, forgiveness, faithfulness and good communication to make this kind of relationship work.

I once asked this question on Quora and I was surprised with the amount of response I got from some well learned public figures, they shared their life experience on how "Partners can grow old together". 

This reviews got me thinking, and i picked a  very similar keyword from everyone who shared their different opinions. 

What everyone talked mostly about was proper communication and tolerance.

"According to Belle Gayer, this is what she thinks.

Some couples do it with joy, passion and fervor, and some do it with comfort like wearing a warm bathrobe and soft slippers, and still others just exist together.

I will assume you are actually asking how couple can grow old and more loving together over time.

I speak from the latter experience of 48 years together, more in love every day now, if that could even be possible.

How you grow old together is simply day by day existence, but how you grow more in love and more joyous together, that’s the adventure of a lifetime!

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You share your experiences and your interests, dreams and goals. You talk about even the little silly things. You are compassionate and empathetic toward each other, and above all, passionate toward each other."

Finding the right partner with whom you will grow old with is never a common circumstance, it take time and perseverance, endurance and patience to achieve. You might be destined for each other, but if you don't work hard together to achieve a common goal the truth is with time every feelings will fade away.

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